PopCap’s wallet just got fat

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Multiplatform, News

When you’re one of the most successful game developers, you gain people’s attention. PopCap, creators of such hits as Bejewled, Zuma, and Peggle to name a small few, just happened to catch the eye of Electronic Arts, and now Rock Paper Shotgun reports that EA has officially purchased PopCap for a staggering $750 million USD. Yes, you read right. That’s $750,000,000.00 in cold hard cash. Or pennies…perhaps all the money they saved closing down some old game servers (more on that later). Does this mean we’ll be seeing EA and PopCap crossovers in the style of “Gryomancer” (PopCap and Square-Enix’s combination of Bejeweled and RPG)? Let me start them off with a few suggestions. 1. Peggle Madden 11, featuring John Madden himself as an exclusive Peggle Master. This of course would be followed up by other such potential hits as Peggle Madden 12, Peggle Madden 13, Need For Speed: Zuma, and a, frankly, epic crossover between Mass Effect and Bookworm Adventures where Shepard must defeat the Reapers while improving his spelling.



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