Sony putting some big money down on PSN

Posted: July 13, 2011 in News, PS3

Sony announced today they would be throwing down an impressive $20 million into development of Playstation Network exclusive games from first party devs, as well as a Pub Fund to assist indie game talent. The investment is laid out over a period of three years where Sony plans to bring in strong exclusive games that can only be found on PSN. Brandon Stander, director of PSN marketing, explained, “PlayStation Network is poised to deliver an enviable line-up of exclusive and imaginative games this year, with highly anticipated first-party titles like thatgamecompany’s Journey and PixelJunk Sidescroller.” Some game titles are also being mentioned: Eufloria (a PC strategy game port), Okabu (a co-op adventure title), PayDay: The Heist (a mix of high-intensity gunplay and GTA levels of deviancy) and Papa & Yo (a poor man’s The Last Guardian). No word yet what Microsoft has to say about this, but hopefully it will tone down their focus on Kinect to creating more fun XBLA exclusives like Shadow Complex and Limbo.

Original story on IGN:


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