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When you’re one of the most successful game developers, you gain people’s attention. PopCap, creators of such hits as Bejewled, Zuma, and Peggle to name a small few, just happened to catch the eye of Electronic Arts, and now Rock Paper Shotgun reports that EA has officially purchased PopCap for a staggering $750 million USD. Yes, you read right. That’s $750,000,000.00 in cold hard cash. Or pennies…perhaps all the money they saved closing down some old game servers (more on that later). Does this mean we’ll be seeing EA and PopCap crossovers in the style of “Gryomancer” (PopCap and Square-Enix’s combination of Bejeweled and RPG)? Let me start them off with a few suggestions. 1. Peggle Madden 11, featuring John Madden himself as an exclusive Peggle Master. This of course would be followed up by other such potential hits as Peggle Madden 12, Peggle Madden 13, Need For Speed: Zuma, and a, frankly, epic crossover between Mass Effect and Bookworm Adventures where Shepard must defeat the Reapers while improving his spelling.


The War of the 3rd: EA’s Battlefield 3 versus Activision’s Modern Warfare 3. It’s an intense battle that has only been intensifying since E3 2011, and now the war has been taken to the web! IGN reports that the link apparently redirects to the Battlefield 3 website. Sure enough, if you click on it (or type into browser) you won’t find Soap, Price or any of the family Modern Warfare elements…just that strange ‘other’ war game with slightly better visuals. Needless to say red flags are being thrown in all directions with fingers pointing at EA for some below-the-belt marketing ploy, but the truth is a bit less devious. Net Media Now looked into the claims and found that the website is not actually linked to EA, but they claim was set up initially as a phony sign up for a non existent multiplayer beta. So EA is innocent, but there still exists a question: Why didn’t Activision reserve the domain ahead of time? Rockstar has been registering domain names that seem to be linked to a possible Grand Theft Auto sequel and no announcement has even been made yet. At this point should already be registered for 2017.