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Give your PC a Hard Reset

Posted: July 13, 2011 in News, PC

What countries make great games? America? Sure. Japan? Yep. United Kingdom? Definitely. Poland? Uh…idk? Truth is, Polish studios have brought several amazing games to American audiences, including The Witcher 1 and 2 (CD Projekt Red), Bulletstorm (People Can Fly) and Two Worlds II (Reality Pump). Pretty impressive, and now get ready to add another studio, Flying Wild Hog, to that list. PC Gamer featured some information on a new title from this team known as Hard Reset. The game is described as a cyberpunk styled FPS where mankind is under attack from machines. Humanity survives in the lone city of Bezoar (pronunciation?) and Major Fletcher (that’s you) must uncover all sorts of behind the scenes truths the way only a badass can. With shooting, in the first person view. The game is being made by a team of 35 employees and running on a custom “Road Hog” engine designed specifically for this game. Honestly, besides the generic plot and setting, this game actually sounds like it could be fun. No specifics are given about how it might differ from other shooters though. Will it include ridiculous free-running like Brink or perhaps try to imitate the ‘kill with skill’ style of Bulletstorm? Perhaps, maybe, we might even see an original FPS that is worth picking over genre standards. We’ll find out when the game comes to PCs in September.

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Team Meat gets biblical

Posted: July 12, 2011 in PC

Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen spoke to IGN Tuesday about their next game offering. Apparently the game is an old school RPG styled around Dungeons and Dragons and will take inspirational cues from some pretty dark source material. “The Binding of Isaac” as it’s called takes it’s name partly from the biblical tale of Abraham, tasked by God to kill his own son as a show of loyalty. (Spoiler: An angel stops him at the last second.) The game incorporates lots of dark themes such as this and hopefully it will provide the atmosphere necessary for a hood RPG.